Please see below for details of WOAPA uniform requirement and how to order.

Wearing a uniform at WOAPA classes enables our students to know they are part of a team and it encourages them to work jointly towards a common aim.
Wearing the correct uniform demonstrates respect for the academy and performing arts in general and allows children to feel they are all, equally, part of the class they attend.
A performer’s discipline and focus is an essential part of our training at WOAPA. We often have special guests visit us and it is important that all students look presentable at all times!

Wearing the correct uniform also ensures students are participating in a safe way.

Please take a moment to read the notes below:

Each child should wear a WOAPA T Shirt (any long-sleeved shirts worn under the T-Shirt must also be black)

‘Bottoms’ (leggings/joggers/dance pants) should be full-legged and ALL BLACK  - no patterns, stripes or logos please
(jeans are NOT suitable for dance and students should also not be wearing shorts, skirts or loose dresses).

In dance sessions, hair should be tied or clipped back, off the face.

Shoes should be tight-fitting, ALL BLACK (ie – no markings, logos or coloured laces/soles and no flashing lights!), and in all cases suitable for dance (not sandals or boots). Soles should be non-marking. Students should not wear their 'Outdoor school shoes' for dance at WOAPA.

Children should NOT be wearing jewellery in WOAPA classes.

All personal belongings, including footwear, should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

We are currently only accepting bacs payments for uniform - the deadline is close of business on THURSDAY for delivery that weekend.
Payment must be made before items are delivered.