Our Summer Workshops are usually sold out.
Early booking is recommended. 

WOAPA Adult Singing / Music Workshop

SUNDAY August 4th

Join us for a day filled with singing, playing guitars / instruments, recording songs and making videos. 
It's going to be great fun and definitely a day you won't want to miss!
(minimum age 18yrs)

Once enrolled, prior to the workshop, we will send out rehearsal resources / videos, etc. to give you a head-start with learning the (2) songs we will be performing.

What will happen on the day?

  • All arrive at 10.00am
  • Singers, guitarists and musicians will separate into three working groups:

    The singers will work on their parts for the songs
    The guitarists will be rehearsing the guitar parts and their singing parts.
    Other musicians will work on their parts.
  • There will be breaks where all participants are able to meet and socialise.
  • When groups are ready, they will be recorded (audio).

Lunch – participants are welcome to stay on site and join others at lunchtime.
Alternatively, participants can leave and return for the afternoon session.

  • Afternoon – participants return to their groups and when all parts have been recorded, the groups will re-join for the filming!
  • We will sing along to the recording(s) we made earlier in the day, to produce music videos (hopefully, weather-permitting, in various locations).

Will there be a lot of standing around?
No - A lot of the rehearsals will be seated and at all other times, there will be seating if needed.

Will I know the songs?
Quite possibly, as we usually choose well-known songs, although you will have lots of opportunities to go through them on the day AND don't forget you'll have copies of them before the day.

Can’t imagine it?

Can't imagine it? - to see a similar project which happened in Belgium (on a much larger scale!) take a look at this video 

Will there be a performance?
Those who regularly attend our workshops will know we usually do a full performance at the end of the session. This year is a bit different ...... however,

At the end of the day, family and friends are invited to join us for a (very short) ‘live’ performance of the 2 songs, before we end.

And the best part? 
The final masterpiece(s) will be shared with the world on YouTube for all to see. 
So mark your calendar and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Comments from previous workshops:

"BRILLIANT!!!! The best yet I'd say ... and the music choices were right up my street. I loved the day and am looking forward to next year already"

"It's great value for money; the tuition is, as ever, first class;  I think the organisation and admin was (were) great".

"Thank you all again for such a fantastic day - roll on the next one".

Cost  =  £30 for the day (£35 for non-members of WOAPA/Guitar groups)

Already know you want to be a part of it?  Click the link below and get booked on!