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Arts Award in Witney

Young people work towards their awards using 'Arts Award Centres' as a base, in addition to working independently.

Centres are set up in a wide variety of different arts organisations.

Every Arts Award centre is registered with Trinity College London and has at least one trained Arts Award adviser. Advisers can work with one centre or across several.

 West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts is registered with Trinity College London and Arts Council England as an Arts award centre and is able to deliver Arts Award advice.

Arts Award is an additional 'opt in' activity at WOAPA. 

What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification on the Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF)

Helping young people aged 11 - 25* to develop as artists and arts leaders, the Arts Award programme is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England.

 Arts Award recognize individual creative development and are adaptable to all interests and abilities. The programme has two strands – arts practice and arts leadership and students must gather evidence of their creative and skills development, which they present as a portfolio. 

You choose how to present evidence of your achievements — you can write, draw, and use video, audio, website or even a blog! 

Arts Award is:

  • a great way for children and young people to be inspired by and enjoy the arts
  • a way of documenting exciting projects that you may already be involved in
  • a framework for learning new skills and sharing them
  • an opportunity to develop creativity and leadership skills
  • a link between young people and creative arts professionals 

Contact us today to find out how you can get started on YOUR Arts Award *Arts Award may also be available for younger children ... please ask

What will I have to do?

Each level of the Arts Award is different, but they all follow a similar structure.

  1. Challenge yourself - this can be extending what you are currently doing or trying something new.
  2. Experience - attend theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, cinema or galleries.
  3. Share - communicate what you have observed and experienced to your friends and audiences!
  4. Lead - encourage others to participate in the arts by sharing your skills or running your own project!

By undertaking Arts Award you,

  • Do, see and learn new things in the arts
  • Take part in arts activities and set personal challenges
  • Share your arts knowledge and skills with others
  • Work in a group or individually, but you record your own progress
  • Choose how to present evidence of your achievements — you can write, draw, and use video, audio, website or blog
  • Work with an Arts Award adviser who guides you throughout the course, to achieve your goals.
  • With your adviser’s help, you decide which level of Arts Award to start with.

What are the benefits of Arts Award?

  • Employers and colleges recognise it as proof of your skills and commitment.
  • Arts Award allows students to gain a qualification in something they really enjoy doing
  • The programme develops creativity, leadership and communication skills. Through Arts Award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment.
  • You can do an award with any arts, media or cultural activity … music, literature, film-making, drama, dance or singing etc.
  • There is no timescale - students can work at their own pace.
  • Students have an immense sense of achievement.
  • All students who pass, receive certification.
 If YOU want to benefit from an Arts Award - contact us TODAY!

Not a current student at WOAPA?

There's no need for you to miss out -

External applicants, not currently enrolled as a WOAPA student, may also apply to study for an Arts Award qualification. 

Each person must take part in an arts activity to be able to undertake an Arts Award. This can be singing, dance, drama, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, music - the list is endless.

Please contact us for further details and costs.


Part of the Arts Award must also include a visit to a theatre performance, concert, cinema, gallery or similar which will need to be organised and funded by the student/parent, additional to course fees.

Other resources will be required: printing, scrapbook, art materials, sound/video recording etc which will need to be funded by the student/parent, additional to course fees.

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WOAPA is an Arts Award Center, LAMDA, PPL, FSB and Family Arts Standards