Performing Arts for Children in Witney, Oxfordshire

Located in Oxfordshire, West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts (WOAPA) offers a variety of classes for children and adults. Whether you're interested in drama, dance, or singing, WOAPA provides quality tuition at affordable prices.
For children, WOAPA is a great choice, offering drama classes, dance classes, and singing classes. It's an excellent resource for building confidence in kids.
If you're pursuing a career in the arts, WOAPA offers courses suitable for aspiring actors, dancers, and singers. They also provide valuable guidance for those considering London drama schools or drama degree courses.
Additionally, WOAPA offers an adult singing group in Witney, bringing together male and female singers from across West Oxfordshire. This relaxed group emphasizes fun and social interaction, making it an excellent choice for music enthusiasts in the area.
In summary, WOAPA in Witney, Oxfordshire, caters to both children and adults seeking drama, dance, and singing classes, along with an adult singing group. It's a valuable resource for those pursuing careers in the arts or simply looking to enjoy music and performing arts in the area.

Discover the magic of the West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts (WOAPA) in charming Witney, Oxfordshire! We've got an array of classes for all ages, from kids to adults, offering drama, dance, and singing lessons that won't break the bank.

For our little stars, WOAPA is the perfect place to shine. Join us for fun-filled drama, dance, and singing classes that boost confidence and nurture talent.
If you dream of an exciting career in the arts, WOAPA is here to guide you. Explore your passion for acting, dancing, or singing with us. We can help you prepare for London drama schools or a drama degree course.

But that's not all! Our Witney-based adult singing group welcomes singers from all around West Oxfordshire. We're all about having a good time and making friends while enjoying the joy of music.

In a nutshell, WOAPA is your local hub for everything dramatic and melodious. Come join us in Witney and let's create wonderful memories together!

Classes for children ages 4yrs - 21yrs, plus - adult singing groups