WOAPA CD recording

WOAPA's Witney Youth Choir and Adult Singing Group joined forces for CD recording
On Saturday 20th October, over 150 people (70 Adult Singers from WOAPA’s Singing group and 85 children from WOAPA’s Saturday theatre school - Witney Youth Choir) joined to record a CD.

The Children and Adults had been rehearsing separately and the two groups finally met to put all their parts together. Children from all WOAPA's classes, from as young as 4 up to 16 yrs, took part.

CDs are available to order via the WOAPA office (order before Nov 10th 2012 = £10. After Nov 10th = £12)
Profits from the CD are being donated to cancer research.

"It WAS a fantastic opportunity for our students to take part in a recording session of this size" says principal, Brian Conroy.
"We were extremely proud of our Adult Singing Group and Youth Choir in Witney and this was such a wonderful opportunity. Imagine how incredibly proud the children will feel when they take the CD home to play to family and friends. It's such a boost to their confidence which will last for a very long time".
WOAPA's Children and Adults will also be getting together on Friday 30th November, when they perform on the main stage, Market Square at the Witney Christmas Lights switch - on event where they will be singing some of the Xmas songs recorded on the CD. They will also be performing at Cogges farm Museum's Christmas event, on Sunday 9th December (11.30am)

WOAPA is a Children’s Theatre School based in Witney for ages 4–16 at weekends during the standard academic term. In the three classes of Singing, Dance and Drama, we promote a positive environment - where students have fun as they celebrate their individuality and achievements. Benefits of attending WOAPA: Increased confidence, Growing self-esteem, An expanding imagination, Creativity and Co-ordination.

WOAPA’s Adult Singing group meets each Wednesday evening at "Open Doors", Range Rd Witney, OX29 7LY.
Places are available at WOAPA - To join our Children's Stage School, or our Adult Singing Group, please contact us