Witney Performing Arts Students awarded a 'Commendation' at Music Festival

Witney Performing Arts Students awarded a 'Commendation'
at Chipping Norton Music Festival 2021

Students from Witney Performing Arts Academy awarded 'Commendation' at Chipping Norton Music Festival on Saturday 6th march

See below for adjudicator's comments on their performance of "Six!"

Name  WOAPA Junior Choir


Grade  Commended


Adjudicator  Angela Rowley


Adjudicators Remarks:


What a pleasure to see all these young, enthusiastic faces making music in such trying circumstances.

This is a very well-presented video from start to finish with impressive use of technology both visually and with well-synchronised voices.


The diction wasn’t always as clear as it might be although, surprisingly, when you were all singing together it was easier to hear the words.


You negotiated the challenging rhythms well in the chorus – might I suggest you sing through the word ‘take’ in bar 49 and subsequent repeats? Bar 111 ‘wives’ was an impressive chord. On the rising notes open up your throats and sing ‘ah’ so that you can crescendo to ff. (The other parts are singing wives so you will be producing a lovely sound and we’re hearing their vowel.)


Howard used the reported speech really well.


I’m really impressed with this piece – lovely tuneful singing, expressive faces and obvious enjoyment. A novel way to learn your Tudor history! Congratulations to you and your MD and technician for a most enjoyable production.