Witney Guitar Club - coming soon!

Welcome to The Witney Guitar Club 



Do you have a guitar gathering dust in your attic? Or maybe languishing in the corner of a room or hanging on the wall?

Do you keep promising yourself you will start playing again one day? 
Well, Make this the reason to pick it up and re-discover the joys of playing.

We’re creating an opportunity for men to meet weekly: to play, sing, socialise and have some Acoustic guitar fun (imagine ‘Fisherman’s Friends’ with guitars!).  

Who knows ... maybe even a gig or two!

All styles and abilities welcome (although not for complete beginners)

No requirement to read music 

Bass guitar? Ukelele? Mandolin? ... join us too!

About me ...

I have been playing guitar (badly ..) for 50+ years.
I've performed on stage, film and TV for over 40 years, including being a professional singer (recording & touring in UK and Europe), and even a Butlin’s Redcoat/performer. 
In addition, I managed community development projects for over 20 years, working with a variety of Government departments, statutory agencies, voluntary organisations and community groups.

Focusing on The Arts, Social Inclusion, Health & Well-being and Rural issues, I know how difficult it is, traditionally, for men to join local groups and socialise ... unless there's a reason and they're doing something ... (like playing a guitar!!)

I was a founder-director of 'The Wild Theatre Co', an integrated drama company providing performing opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities. The group’s successes included performances at The Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall London, as well as appearances on Central TV and as featured artists on BBC1’s Songs of Praise. 

Since 2014, I have sung Handel's 'Messiah' with TRBC, each November, at The Royal Albert Hall, London and have mentored countless singers to perform there too.

I'm a qualified 'Arts Award' adviser (moderated by Trinity College, London & Arts Council England) and in 2014, was one of only six people, nationally, to receive an "Inspirational Adviser Award". In 2015, I was awarded a 'Special Certificate of Recognition' by Witney's Town Mayor for achievements in the local community.

I have worked on a programme designed specifically to re-create real-life situations, training humanitarian aid-workers whose work takes them to challenging, remote or hostile regions worldwide, including training them to deal with ambush and hostage situations.

More recently, I appeared as a Diplomat in the Netflix series “The Diplomat” featuring Kerri Russell and Rufus Sewell (don't blink, you’ll miss me!).

I am also an approved, licensed, Children's Chaperone registered with Oxfordshire County Council.

I look forward to meeting you  

Brian Conroy

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