Witney Choir awarded 'Highly Commended' at Chipping Norton Music Festival

Witney Choir awarded a 'Distinction' and 'Highly Commended' certificates at Chipping Norton Music Festival 2022

WOAPA's Adult Singing Group performed three songs at this year's festival. Here are the Adjudicator's comments.

"Overall, a nice programme – lots of energy and passion, I really enjoyed it".

Piece #1 'A Thousand Years/Just Give Me A Reason'

“A really nice, rich tone at the beginning. Really nice, centered, introductory unison. I really liked the focus you brought to your singing. In a bigger group that’s not always easy and you have clearly worked on that.
There was a nice, confident, louder, dynamic and some really good, centred, harmonies. You were ‘word-painting’ effectively, bringing interest into some individual phrases. Remember your faces (those on the back row) we can see you ALL!
There was a lovely energy to your singing with some positive dynamic variations”

Piece #2 Found/Tonight

"I really liked the combination of the two songs. There was a lovely sense of emotion coming through. I really liked the arrangement.
Your diction was nice and clear and you communicated effectively.
It was a very powerful performance – you MADE us listen".

Piece #3 'Video Killed The Radio Star'

"There was a nice characterisation in your vocalisation with rich and warm harmonies which were confident.
I liked the clapping (which could have been a bit wishy-washy) I can see you were well rehearsed. It really supported and supplemented your singing. There were some really great faces in this one!"

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