Witney Choir awarded 'Distinction' at Music Festival

Witney Choir awarded 'Distinction' at Chipping Norton Music Festival

WOAPA's Choir in Witney recently performed in Chipping Norton's (virtual) music festival and gained a Distinction.

For the adjudicator's comments, see below.

Grade  Distinction


Adjudicator  Angela Rowley


Adjudicators Remarks:

1) Come so far

It’s heart-warming to see such enthusiastic faces and hear such energised singing.

The accompaniment is quite special and spotlighting the soloists was effective.

Some very well-placed low notes and lovely harmonising.

Diction was good on the whole – try to be clearer on the shorter notes and the beginnings of phrases.

A good piece to open a programme.

2) How can I keep from singing?

A lovely opening followed by impressive alto harmonies.

Very clear diction throughout.

Accurate, well-phrased singing with attention to detail.

There is some well-tuned, unforced singing here which is very pleasant to listen to and the production was not only well-balanced but interesting to watch with effective use of multi-screens round the singers.

Well done with this piece.

3) Can’t stop the Music

Well done with this energised accompaniment. 

Could you look at injecting more dynamic variation into this piece e.g. “Music getting louder” crescendo then quieter on “we kneel to pray”?

Again excellent low notes and very clear diction.

An interesting use of landscape screens.

4) All the Bells in Paradise

Beautiful pictorial opening and interspersed throughout the piece.

Calm unison singing set the mood followed by well-balanced harmony.

Clear diction throughout. 

This is a charming piece of Christmas music and you performed it with feeling.


This was a full programme with four contrasting pieces of music, each performed with enthusiasm and clear understanding of both mood and meaning. It’s a delight to see and hear so many of all ages finding a way to enjoy and perform music in challenging times – very well done and a special commendation to Thom for these lovely arrangements.