The benefits of attending a children's drama school

The Benefits of attending a children's drama school.

At West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts children's theatre school in Witney, we enable our students to develop: confidence, self-esteem, an expanding imagination, creativity and
Our lively and fun sessions in singing, dance and drama also promote a variety of life skills - parents often tell us their child's school teacher has commented that after attending our drama sessions, their child is more vocal in class and  is much more keen to take part - and put their hand up to answer questions.
Our drama sessions encourage students to interact with each other in a safe supportive environment. This encourages empathy, understanding and an ability to work with others as part of a team. Of course, friendships are forged, which can last a lifetime.
In our singing sessions, students work on their vocal technique to produce good projection and diction. Even the quietest student can find their voice and be heard!
Dance is a great medium to develop co-ordination and promote co-operation and teamwork. Students learn that not everything is immediate or comes easy - working hard, practice and teamwork results in a performance that everyone can be proud of. 

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