Starstruck UK offer us some wise words

Many years ago when I first started off in show business, I wanted to be famous (and rich) I thought is was an automatic right because I “was better than them” I decided to audition for a TV talent competition and that it would shoot me to stardom.
I turned up with my sheet music, no backing tracks as I believed strongly in keeping musicians in work. I had a beautiful dress made and I even went as far as glueing false nails on (no acrylics or gels in those days ladies) I walked into the audition room feeling really nervous but also full of confidence. I picked up the microphone and looked at the pianist to let him know I was ready. In front of me was a panel of 4 judges, none of which I had ever heard of. The music started, I grasped my microphone really tight and started singing.
All seemed to be going well, smiles on the judges faces and they looked really interested. I remember thinking that I had it in the bag when all of a sudden, I noticed that one of my false nails started so slip off. Trying not to let he judges see what was happening, I moved my hands tighter round the mike but another started to move, then another and before I knew where I was, I had nails dropping off left, right and centre. They were stuck to the mike, I had one on my wrist and things just went from bad to worse. All of a sudden, I started to laugh mid song. I looked at the judged who had, by now noticed that I was dropping to bits. They started laughing and the whole audition just went pear shape. They asked me if I would like to take a moment to compose myself but I could not pull myself together and decided that it was not to be. I thanked them for their time and walked out. I was so angry with myself afterwards and thought that because I had not made it onto the telly, my show biz career was over.
A few days later I was telling a friend about what had happened and I remember vividly what he said to me. “you don’t have to be on a TV talent show for you to be successful, if you can work every week doing something you love, if you can pay your bills and if you can make your audience happy when you sing to them, then you are successful”
I listened to what he had said to me and decided that I would carry on doing what I loved. I stopped yearning for the fame and fortune of the celebrity lifestyle and decided to work hard to get where I wanted to be – happy!
Working in the arts and entertainment industry is a wonderful area of work to be in but it is really the same as any other type of work. You have to be dedicated, you have to work hard, you have to earn money to pay the bills. Just because you don’t necessarily become famous over night, it does not mean that you are not successful.
As long as you enjoy your work and make a decent living out of it, then you are a winner every time.
Thanks to Julie Medlam at for sharing with us!!