Singing Group - Chipping Norton Music Festival 2017

 "Much to commend in all three performances"
DISTINCTION - "Highly Commended"
 Adjudicator: Ben Costello
“Lots to commend with you guys on the handling of ‘Let It Go’ – it’s so nice to hear this done as a choral arrangement. I go around the country and I often hear 10 year old girls trying to sing this song. It works OK at home with a hairbrush as a microphone and mum as the audience but not always at festivals. So this was great to have this because you made this dramatic up-tempo number your own as well. Very tight choral unison at the beginning too which was really hard to pick holes in. A lot of detail, a lot of clarity. Harmony work really vibrantly handled as well and the attitude – I don’t just mean vocally but your physical attitude really matches that kind of ‘girl power’ strength. It’s crucial that it reflects the character.                                                    
And then we caught the 80s pop group, which took me right back to my childhood, I remember sitting at the piano playing through ‘Erasure’ songs and before that ‘Yazoo’ as well. This was a really committed performance – some of these numbers don’t really work terribly well out of that rather synthesised context but this really, really did for me, so thank you for that. You responded very well to this very punchy rhythmic energy which is what ‘Erasure’ songs are all about – there’s all that attitude there – without the chain coming off either. It all held together very tightly. Lots of detail coming through as well and some very nice sinewy harmony work coming through which I don’t pick out from the original at all but they’re in that arrangement – they really work, so thanks for enjoying those.                                                                       
And then we had a lovely change of energy and atmosphere later on with your ‘Wicked’ ballad, the duet at the end, ‘For Good’. I thought the energy in that was just right really. A very nice, choral unison again, to start it off, to set the scene. The harmony work unfolded very warmly later on and expressed some sincere work. That’s all a ballad needs actually, just needs to be simply handled and done with meaning and sincerity – I found it very moving. Much to commend in all three performances”
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