Singing Group - Chipping Norton Music Festival 2016

On Saturday 5th March 2016, WOAPA's Adult Singing Group once again performed at Chipping Norton Music Festival
We received some wonderful comments:
“An excellent choir: honest, sensitive, thoughtful and full of performance”

“An absolute joy”
Chipping Norton Singers

“You made me smile – a lovely rich sound, lovely commitment and sense of enjoyment. You achieve a lovely sincerity in your singing.

[Song 1] There were some nice dynamic contrasts and a real sense of ‘word-painting’ & storytelling with a rich, full sound. I really liked the transition into ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ – that really worked very well. There were some strong vowel sounds here. You developed the sound with a bright energy, with a driving vision. I really liked the unaccompanied section and I really liked the combination of these two songs.

[Song 2] A lovely rich lower register to start – warm & centred. You use your voices well with a super understanding of performance & communication. It was just nice to see you enjoying singing. You had very good diction, rich and warm again with a lovely sense of line. There was a really nice relationship between the two songs, each linking together successfully. There was a real honesty and sensitivity in your singing.

[Song 3] Tons of energy, bold, with rich harmonies and I like your performance skills. You look like you’re enjoying yourselves. There is a real sincerity in your performance which I really enjoy”.
If your would like to join our singing group which meets each Wednesday in Witney please contact us by clicking this link