NEW WITNEY CHOIR for Beginners

NEW WITNEY CHOIR - For Beginners

“If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing” (Zimbabwean proverb)

Have you always wanted to sing but feel you can’t?

Are you terrified of singing in front of other people?

Do you feel you’re ‘missing out’? 

Would you like to unlock your singing potential?

Would you like to just sing in a relaxed, friendly, supportive non-judgmental environment?
(no performances, no auditions and no reading music).

Would you like to have lots of fun too?

Yes? ..... Then you've come to the right place ...

WOAPA Adult Singers – Beginners!

Following the success of WOAPA's Adult Singing Group (currently with 90 members!) we are launching a brand new 'Beginners' group.

Why are so many of us afraid to sing?
Some people may have been told in the past (often as a child) that they ‘can’t sing’.
They might have been laughed at, or ridiculed for their singing.
This can result in individuals having psychological limitations or a distorted perception of their ability which is not based in reality. Everybody can sing – some people just need more practise than others. You may be pleasantly surprised!
We invite you to give yourself ‘permission’ to sing –

  • to find your voice, 
  • discover your inner Diva, 
  • to re-create the magic of childhood and 
  • to share the enjoyment of singing with others.

What is WOAPA’s Beginners Group?
It’s a supportive and encouraging group which sings modern, lively songs - and we have loads of fun while we do it.
For those who have never dared but would like to sing, we provide a safe space where you can join other terrified singers to ease your way into singing and discover your voice.
We will help you overcome your fears to sing with confidence.
Singing purely for pleasure, the group is for those who would like to just sing - and not be expected to perform
(but once you are confident, you may like to consider joining our existing Adult Singing Group which performs regularly).

Who is it for?
The group is for anyone who has little, or no, experience of singing in a group (or those who are a little 'rusty').
The group has been specially created for those who:

·         Are scared or frightened of singing in public

·         Consider themselves ‘non-singers’

·         Would like to open the door to a future of enjoyable singing

·         Have fun and experience the benefit of singing

What will I learn?
We will introduce you to some basic musical terms – time signatures, rhythms, singing in parts and vocal exercises. You will also build up a repertoire of modern, lively songs.

Where does the group meet?
WOAPA's 'Beginners' sessions are at Henry Box School, Witney, Wednesdays 6.00 – 7.15pm
Term time only, usually 12 sessions per term.

Sounds brilliant! What do I do next?
As with everything we do at WOAPA, we offer you a FREE taster session.  Book in, come along, meet us, join in
...and then decide !

Benefits of singing
The benefits of 'Singing for your health' are widely reported. Here are some of them:

·         Increased sense of ‘well-being’

·         Valuable ‘You’ time

·         Calming and restorative

·         Increased confidence & empowerment

And many more …

Fees are currently £6 or £4 (concessions) per night, payable per term, in advance.

Fees are charged termly by cash, cheque or bank transfer. We are happy to arrange smaller, split payments.

For those who are unable to commit to a whole term in advance, we also have a visitor's single session rate of £8 / £5, payable on the night.