Farmer's Festive Internet Smash

A festive video song put together by staff at Foxbury Farm near Carterton has been a smash hit online, with more than 200,000 people watching it on Twitter in just a few days.
The film, created as a way to say thank you to the farm's customers at Christmas, has also proved popular on YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 1,200 times. Events manager Rebecca Dawes said: "We initially only sent it out as a way of saying thank you to our customers but it went viral and I know people like Jack FM have spread the word. In no way whatsoever did we expect to get so many hits".
The video sees staff singing, dancing and carrying out their daily tasks - a very different way to say thank you compared to a pig roast and gifts which have been organised in the past.
Rebecca revealed she came up with the idea for the video, and members of staff at the farm helped with writing the lyrics and were more than keen to take part in front of the camera.
"Everyone got involved and got stuck in and there are various roles, from working in the kitchens to rolling around in the hay". said rebecca. "Everyone was really up for it, so it was quite nice that everyone got involved".
Staff at the farm have become local celebrities with customers and members of the public who have recognise them from the video, which was filmed by Barry Clack of WitneyTV.
The West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts sung the lyrics for the song.
The Oxfordshire Guardian
Thursday 22nd December 2011