Diggy Diggy Hole - Yogscast

Recording & Filming Project - see the video here
On Saturday 25th October, a group of students from West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts and some of the singers from our Adult Singing Group gathered at Cokethorpe School for a 'secret' recording and filming project.
We had been approached by Oxfam to record and film a song: 'Diggy Diggy Hole' (originally produced by gaming company 'The Yogscast'). The aim of the project was for WOAPA to re-record 'Diggy' and to film a video to accompany the recording. Oxfam then planned to present the end result to The Yogscast to say a big thank you to them, and their fans, for donating over £400,000 to Oxfam since 2011, raising valuable funds to supply things like cows, goats and bees to areas in Africa that desperately need them.
The recording/filming went very well and the video was recently presented to The Yogscast, who were delighted to receive it. They shared in in their video blog and in the first 24 hours it was seen by 140,000 people.
Here are some comments already posted about the video...

"The song at the end IS EPIC"

"Omg that ending was amazing"

"Wow, the choir from Oxfam video was wonderful"

"Wow, that choir singing I am a Dwarf.... My heart nearly jumped out of me, THAT WAS AMAZING!"

"I cannot express my love for the choir singing "diggy diggy hole" and how it makes me laugh and smile so much :D. Thank you choir and Yogscast"

"OMG. That choir. My goose bumps that have goose bumps also have goose bumps!"

"That was the best cover of any song I have ever seen hahaha Amazing!"

"That Oxfam thing at the end was the best thing I have ever seen"

"Absolutely amazing, so heartwarming, I'm literally nearly in tears watching that song"

"I cried at the ending - that was so lovely of Oxfam to thank the Yogscast staff and fans"

"The video at the end of diggy hole was awesome!"

"That was beautiful"

"Who would have thought I would cry at a yogscast video the Oxfam video was so lovely!"

"The video at the end brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the amazing work!"

"That's Just Awesome"

"The song at the end sent chills down my spine"

"I may have shed a tear as well ... Such a wonderful thing! What a lovely thing from Oxfam"

Hear 'The Yogscast' talking about the video at 3mins 20secs and see the video itself at 5 minutes.
Oxfam & WOAPA would like to say a very big thank you to Cokethorpe School for allowing us to use their 'The Shed' theatre for the day. They made us feel very welcome and it was much appreciated.

Since we filmed the video, the Ebola crisis has escalated in Africa and the video is now helping to contribute to the Oxfam Ebola crisis campaign. There is a link underneath the video should you wish to donate, to help stop the spread of this terrible disease.