Diggy Diggy Hole - WOAPA choir video

We are delighted to say that the presentation of the 'Diggy' video to 'The Yogscast' went very well.
To date, (02.12.2014) the video has been seen an amazing 270,000 times and we attracted quite a bit of media coverage in the following weeks.
We have noticed some people have taken the video and presented it on their own youtube channels - which we have requested be removed.
So, we have now uploaded the 'official' WOAPA video (it's just the video of WOAPA - no chat before!). Please feel free to share the YouTube link to all your friends.
Here is the video of Diggy -
Thanks to everyone involved in making the video - Oxfam, Cokethorpe School and of course ... all the students and adult singers who took part on the day.