Children's TV Opportunities

WOAPA has been asked by The BBC and ITV to provide children for upcoming TV programme auditions.
An ITV production company are producing a new cooking show for children that’s due to be shown on ITV Saturday mornings from October. They’re looking for two types of children aged 9-12:
1. Those who want to take part in the show where they get to compete in games and cook-offs. These would be children who LOVE cooking and can show off their culinary skills on the TV.
2. Children who LOVE food and love talking about it! The chattier the better!
WOAPA has been asked to pass on details of any of our students who would like to appear as a contestant on the show or alternatively, to appear as a food taster. The show is an hour-long programme to be shown on ITV every Saturday, 8.30-9.30am from October, with an initial run of 12 episodes. The programme features two teams of 3 children competing against each other in a variety of cooking challenges and food-related games. It’s not going to be the intense experience of ‘MasterChef’, and the children won’t be placed under any sort of similar pressure. It’s all fun, everyone will have a great time, and hopefully they’ll all learn a lot about cookery and teamwork along the way. It’s also pre-recorded during about 4-5 hours, so no ‘live TV’ pressure. The plan is to film it in early-to-mid September in their studios in Clapham, London.
WOAPA STUDENTS - Please contact WOAPA if you are interested – ASAP (no later than Thurs 22nd August) – and we will pass on your details for their consideration.

CBBC are looking for a group of about 12 WOAPA students aged between 10 and 12 to get involved in a TV show.

During the programme, the students will be taken on a tour of several areas of historical interest around Oxford.

The BBC are looking for children who are confident and outgoing.

This is NOT an acting job as they just want the children to be themselves and have fun.

This will involve one day of filming, and the potential filming date is between 04/10/2013 – 25/10/2013, but this should be able to be confirmed soon.

So if you might be interested in getting involved, please contact us at WOAPA ASAP as they would like to start getting the paperwork process underway (no later than Friday 23rd August). This filming day will require a performing license, which you will be assisted with, but please be aware that you will require your head teacher to agree to you taking the day off school.

WOAPA will submit details of interested students to the BBC, who will make the final selection of children who will take part.
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