Children dance drama & singing in Witney

Class ages:

'Young Performers' - 4 - 6yrs

ACT 1  -  7 - 9yrs

ACT 2  -  10 - 12yrs

ACT 3  -  13 - 16yrs

(Classes for children with learning disabilities)  -  7 - 18yrs

Dance Drama & Singing taster sessions in Witney, Oxfordshire

We are now booking our last remaining available FREE taster sessions at our Saturday Children's Theatre School in Witney, Oxfordshire, for the start of our new Autumn term.

Singing: Dance: Drama - and loads of fun for ages 4 -16yrs. 

PLEASE NOTE - we do not charge for taster sessions in our classes. 

At WOAPA, we teach Oxfordshire children how to sing, dance and act with confidence.
Skills learned with us are not just for the stage, but students benefit throughout every aspect of their lives. 
We assist children to pursue their dreams of a career on stage in the performing arts - but more importantly, children regularly attend our singing, drama and dance classes each week because they have lots of fun! 
Since 2011, West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts has been developing an impressive track record of delivering good quality drama classes, singing classes & dance classes in Witney, attracting students from all across Oxfordshire (and neighbouring counties) to attend. 

For Singing Class in Witney, Drama Classes in Witney or Dance classes in Witney for children, please contact us today to arrange your taste session.

West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts - A Children's Saturday Theatre School based in Witney near Oxford, offering Singing, Dance & Drama classes | Witney Children's Choir | Witney Youth Choir (Showchoir) & Witney Choir for Adults (Adult Singing Group in Witney). 

If you're looking for a children's theatre school with Dance, Drama, and Singing classes on a Saturday and you live in or around the Oxfordshire areas of Faringdon, Witney, Burford, Carterton, Chipping Norton, Oxford, Eynsham, Woodstock and Abingdon, WOAPA is for you! 

Parents tell us they think we're the best children's theatre school in the area.
Don't take their word for it - 

Contact us for a FREE taster session NOW!