Channel 4 TV Opportunity

Channel 4 are casting for a fun new TV series about competitive family cooks with a small cash prize. Whether it be their treasured family recipe for classic lasagne or their quirky and unusual approach to cooking roast chicken, the programme will look at how certain members of the family just love to cook.

They are looking for two cookery enthusiasts in one family or extended family, who feel that their cooking stands out from each other, to prove once and for all just who is the better cook. judged by none other than their own families !

It could be a brother who loves to cook family lunch but has a sibling who thinks they know how to do it better or a husband and wife who have always had friendly rivalry in the kitchen, or a mother in law and daughter in law who think they have the midas touch when it comes to cooking. Each cook wants to prove to the rest of the family they have what it takes.

This is a fun opportunity for families to showcase their culinary talents on a cookery show and settle it once and for all to prove who is the best chef in their family. The winner will receive a small cash prize!

Any WOAPA Students or Adult Singers please contact Brian who will send you the Channel 4 contact details.
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