CBBC TV Opportunity

 [please note: deadline for this opportunity has now expired]


Are you aged between 9 and 13?

Do you have a burning passion or raw talent for a hobby, sport or skill but would love an extra push to improve your skills more than you thought possible – in just a few weeks?

CBBC’s Turbo Boost will give you expert help to improve your skills and then, after 4 weeks, impress your family and friends in a show-stopping final challenge!

CBBC is making an exciting new series – TURBO BOOST - featuring CBBC presenter Turbo, (Alesha’s Street Dance Stars). Turbo’s looking for 9-13 year olds with raw talent who will be filmed every step of the way as they achieve more than they ever thought possible when they receive his Turbo Boost!

You might be “alright” at your skill, but you really want to be awesome – and you’re prepared to make the effort to get there.

Turbo Boost will help, but you need to be ready to put in hours of practice over a four week period, before you take part in your final challenge.

Your skill could be anything: from rowing to rapping; from baking to ice-skating; from surfing to circus skills; from acting to chess to anything that you do in your spare time!

They’re not necessarily looking for the best; they’re looking for the most enthusiastic who will welcome expert help and be willing to put in time and effort to improve over four weeks.
If you are interested, visit the CBBC website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/help/tvhelp/turbo-boost.shtml
Do let us know at WOAPA if you decide to apply - and if you do, how you get on.