Acting class for adults in Oxfordshire

WOAPA launches Acting Class for Adults in Oxfordshire

Drama class for adults

Developing skills, Public Speaking, Building confidence and most important -
a FUN way to make new friends

WOAPA's Acting Class for Adults helps you develop your skills as an actor, whether you have presentations to make at work, an audition coming up or you want to combat stage fright.

Taught in a fun, pressure-free, way, treat yourself to some 'me time' while learning to express yourself creatively.

WOAPA's adult acting class will feature ...

  • Develop your talents as an Actor
  • Build confidence
  • Public Speaking
  • Voice work
  • Stage Fright
  • Communicate effectively
  • Express yourself creatively
  • Character development
  • Body Language
  • Work on text

There is no expectation that you will have experience in acting.

Meet new people - make new friends - reduce stress - improve your memory

Our class helps you overcome your fears in a relaxed environment.