Exam information for parents

The LAMDA Graded Examinations in Performance reside on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). They are credit-bearing qualifications that allow learners to build qualifications in a unit-based approach. This enables learners to gain qualifications at their own pace along flexible routes. The RQF permits direct comparison between academic qualifications (i.e. GCSEs / A Levels) and vocational qualifications (i.e. LAMDA qualifications and others).

LAMDA Graded Examinations in Performance are open to all. There are no minimum age restrictions and the choice of repertoire is intended to appeal to learners of all ages.

The qualifications are available at four levels on the RQF and each examination subject is available from Entry Grade to Grade 8.
Students may enter at any level (ie they do not have to have completed the previous level to progress).

The Levels are:

Entry Level (E3)       Entry Level

Level 1                       Grade 1,  Grade 2,  Grade 3

Level 2                       Grade 4,  Grade 5

Level 3                       Grade 6 (Bronze),  Grade 7 (Silver),  Grade 8 (Gold)

ACT 1 will be working at Entry Level
ACT 2 will be working at Level 1 (grades 1, 2 & 3)
ACT 3 will be working at Level 2 (grades 4 & 5)

More experienced ACT 3 students may also be entered for Grade 6 (Bronze) Grade 7 (Silver) and Grade 8 (Gold).

Al all levels, WOAPA will guide students at which level is suitable for their individual needs. WOAPA will not enter a student at a grade which is higher than their current capabilities.

It is important to recognise that although WOAPA can provide students with tuition, advice and guidance for LAMDA assessment, we have no control over how much research or preparation each student is prepared to commit to at home. Neither do we have any control over the performance of each student in the actual examination. We are not able to help, assist or prompt, in the examination room, on the day.

Learners may enter for an Acting examination at any grade. Each grade is independently assessed. Assessment criteria are set at each grade. There is a qualitative difference in outcome between individual grades. This is because the repertoire chosen by the learner increases in technical difficulty as the grades progress and the knowledge required increases as the grades progress.

LAMDA examinations in Acting are offered in solo and duo formats, however, at WOAPA we encourage each student to take the Solo examination.

The “SET” acting scenes (for Grade 1 to Grade 5) are printed in full in the “LAMDA Acting Anthology – Volume 3”. WOAPA has a copy of this book and the tutor will guide each student to make a selection. A copy of their chosen monologue will then be provided. The student must perform the chosen set scene as it is presented in the LAMDA Acting Anthology – Volume 3.

The “OWN CHOICE” acting scenes must be selected from a published play or screenplay or a published collection of scenes or be adapted from the dialogue of a published novel. The WOAPA tutor will make suggestions, but will advise and encourage each student to find their own choice. The tutor will discuss with each student on the suitability of their own choice of scene.