WOAPA ‘ENCORE!’ class for ages 16 – 21yrs


WOAPA’s Encore! Class provides further training in the performing arts for students aged 16 – 21yrs.
Whether the focus in preparing for auditions at Drama School, local amateur/professional productions, agents or a university or job interview, students are able to build confidence in public speaking and performance and further develop their communication skills in a positive and supportive environment.
Our team of creative and inspiring tutors aim is to maximise each student’s potential.
The class is small, enabling us to tailor the content to match each student’s needs.
There will be the opportunities to participate in regular showcases/performances.


In the ‘Triple-threat’ disciplines of Singing, Dance & Drama, students learn to be aware of their own performing talents, weaknesses and strengths. They explore the skills of the analytical mind and the ability to self-reflect; how to give critical assessment and how to both give and receive feedback (always positive and constructive). Most importantly, students learn how to receive direction to improve their own skills in performance.

The ENCORE! Team tutors promote flexibility and teamwork while supporting students with strategies to develop resilience, self-discipline and the stamina to succeed.

Support with organisation and time management will also be key – we know how busy our students are!

Students will develop their ability to be adaptable and build knowledge of areas of the performing arts. In addition, they will learn about opportunities open to them, both locally and further afield.


Students will develop the skills and confidence needed for interviews and auditions – whether that is for FILM/TV/Stage/Agents or employment. This includes:


·         Guidance in learning what and how to prepare

·         Audition/interview etiquette and conduct

·         Mock auditions/interviews

·         Guidance for students in creating self-tapes in order to achieve the greatest impact for their chosen audience

·         Enabling students to further develop their communication skills to enable them to be the best that they can be.



The three disciplines will include further development of focus in:


·         Singing confidently in a range of styles and genres

·         Developing vocal techniques, projection and musicality

·         Experience in the use of microphones

·         Developing skills in how to ‘perform’ the song

·         Using vibrato, dynamics and breath control

·         Singing in parts & harmonies

·         Singing with expression

·         Acting through song



·         Dancing confidently in a range of styles and genres with coordination, control and balance

·         Developing core strength and posture.

·         Developing confidence in improvisation & creativity

·         Accurately learning and performing dance routines

·         Dancing with expression

·         .

·         Flexibility.


·         Understanding text & context

·         Character development

·         Experiencing a variety of styles (film/stage/radio etc)

·         Developing expression in performance (body & voice)

·         Solo / duet / ensemble work

·         Facilitating the ability to experiment, devise and improvise

·         The ability to use  props and costumes successfully

·         Clarity of diction, inflection, accent, intonation and phrasing

·         pace, pause and timing; projection, emotional range


We understand that some students are not looking to take exams or further written coursework on top of their existing school workload. That’s absolutely fine! However, students will have the option of being entered for LAMDA exams, ABRSM musical Theatre exams or to work towards an Arts Award (Accredited by Trinity College, London).

WOAPA is a registered LAMDA and Arts Award provider.

Students can achieve up to 30 UCAS points in that all-important points total.